TIFCO Industries Joins Power Heavy Duty


TIFCO Industries Joins Power Heavy Duty

Specializing in “maintenance and repair operation products,” TIFCO Industries is one of the newest distributors to join Power Heavy Duty, bringing more than 60 years of experience, a robust online marketplace and more than 45,000 products designed to help service providers and technicians maximize productivity and efficiency to the network.


TIFCO Industries is headquartered in Houston, also home to its primary distribution center, and has a second warehouse in Reno, Nev. They offer a wide range of tools, safety equipment, cleaning supplies and testing instruments. They have expertise in a broad range of industries and their customizable, proprietary TIFCO Maintenance System storage solutions are popular among all of them for keeping tools and parts secure and in the right place.


Founded in 1961 by Richard and Waldene Brown, TIFCO remains a family-run business with the Browns’ son, Bob, serving as president, and grandson Chris its vice president of business development.


“TIFCO Industries is a leading provider of almost everything a shop and its technicians need to diagnose and perform repairs, stay safe while doing it, and make sure the work environment stays clean and organized,” said Jim Pennig, vice president of business development for the VIPAR Heavy Duty Family of Companies. “Their product lineup, comprehensive online sales operation and strong focus on customer satisfaction makes them a great addition to the Power Heavy Duty network.”


For more information on TIFCO Industries, visit www.tifco.com

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